The Fun Side of The Duterte Family

We support our current President Rodrigo Duterte. Now that he is our president, we are in good hands. We are sure that change is coming. There will be changes in our country now. Our country will be safe. Our president is an excellent public servant together with his family. They currently served as politicians in Davao City. Sara is currently the Mayor of Davao, Paolo is the Vice Mayor.
Serving the people is not an easy task. We observed that our President's siblings are close to each other.  They have been close to each other since childhood.

Baste, has a lot of talents. He can play the guitars and the drums . One of his amazing talents is singing. He is an excellent singer.There is a video wherein  Sara was able to convince her brother to sing a song. The Duterte's are really close to each other. The Duterte family has a lot of followers. They are also active in social media.

You can watch the video in this link. They watch each other.  Our country will be better now. Davao is an excellent City. Our country will progress.


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