Duterte ready to Launch Freedom of Information

Now that our President is Rodrigo Duterte our country will now improve. One of his plans when elected is the Freedom of Information Bill.  A lot of people will be glad if this would take effect. By definition Freedom of Information is said to be an extension of freedom of Speech, it is also understood as freedom of expression in any medium. This can be applied in many ways. Right to freedom of expression,  the right to privacy is a recognised human right.

If the Congress would not approve of this, the President himself will push for it. We are lucky that our country will have a change. Now that President Duterte is the one elected.

I was touched and was happy when I heard this, our President said:

"There Is Always A Time For Everything, A Time For Winning, A Time For Losing, If I loose I'll Accept the Verdict of the Filipino People, If I Win Then You Have My Guaranty That I Will Work For The People".

You can watch the video on this link. We will have a better and safer country now that President Duterte is in office. We are sure that there will be an improvement in  our country.


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