Duterte Will Increase Athlete's Allowance Bound for Rio to $3000 from $1000 and Sports Officials from $3000 to $5000

We overheard that our president will  increase the allowance of our athletes  that are bound for Rio to $3000 from $1000, and sports officials from $3000 to $5000. This is a good sign to our athletes. We are very lucky that this have been increased.  Representing our country in the olympics is an honour and it brings pride to our country. More than 10,000 athletes are expected to participate in these event from all over the world. The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event is expected to start on August 5 and will end on August 21.

Olympic games are held every 4 years.The Philippines first sent athletes in the olympics in the year 1924. Filipino athletes have won medals in the olympics. Boxing is the sport where they won some of these medals. Filipino athletes are known to have good boxers and are expecting to take home some medals in this sport.

You can watch the video on this link. We again thank our President for supporting our athletes.  We salute you Mr. President.


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