How to Hold Your Breath Underwater For 20 minutes

Magic is hard to do. Some magic tricks have their own secrets. It is rare for a magic trick to be revealed. Magicians have their own distinct and unique style when it comes to magic. Some magic tricks are simple, even beginners can execute it and some are for professionals. Holding your breath for twenty minutes underwater is not that simple. Even with adequate practice it is hard to accomplish. Not even the world record holder was able to achieve a twenty minute time underwater.

Have you asked yourself the question how do magicians do it? They have techniques and secrets that sometimes they reveal and most of the time they keep it on themselves. We are very lucky with the technology that there are a lot of things that are on the internet and the web that we can research on regarding magic tricks. Did I make you curious? Every magician have their style.

How do magicians do it? Well that's how the trick or secret comes in. It will be revealed. You can watch the video on this link. Don't try this at home.


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