Kinikilig Video Goes Viral

We would like to congratulate the Filipino people because  of the newly elected public official. Our country now we have a new President. "Change Is Coming" This slogan have been popular for weeks now. It has been popular before the election. This became popular and the Filipino people are waiting for a change. Now that our President is Rodrigo Duterte, change is coming. Our country will be better now.

There is a viral video that is popular now. The video is President together with the Vice president. Its now viral because it shows a positive sign and it is said that its spreading a good vibe on social media. Our country is now in good hands because we have a good President.

 You can watch the video on this link. This is a positive sign that we have unity in our country.Our country will now improve because we have a good leader our President Rodrigo Duterte.


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