Matteo Guidicelli Nagsalita Na

We overheard that there where some violent reactions about his fans regarding his current role in the Teleserye Dolce Amore, but he said that he is happy in his current role. in the. He also said that he don't mind being a third wheel in his role as long as he's effective as a third wheel.

 We also overheard that the famous actor Matteo Gudicelli speaks about the rumors about her girlfriend Sarah Geronimo. In real life Matteo's relationship with the popular singer actress Sarah Geronimo is steady and going strong.Mateo was also aware about the people's speculation about Sarah Geronimo being pregnant and he said that its not true. He also said that Sarah's okay and does not have a serious illness. "Sarah is just not feeling well, and he thinks that Sarah's break in show business is to have time for herself". We also overheard that Sarah is simply resting.

You can watch the video on this link.  Sarah Geronimo  is a popular singer, actress and TV personality. She has won a lot of awards in her career and has done a lot of solo major concerts in a lot of venues. In 2003 she had a concert at the Music Museum, In 2005-2013 She had a concert at the Smart Araneta Colloseum.  Also in 2013 She had a concert at the SM Mall of Asia.  2015-2016 She again had a concert at the Smart Araneta Colloseum.



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