10 Amazing Experiments You Can Do At Home

A lot of people try to experiment on different things. In my school days even at an early age we did some experiments in school, particularly my favourite subject Science. It was exciting attending this class. I even had a high grade and cons in experiments. Some popular scientists or even normal people have done a lot of experiments in their life.

In our experiment  we were able to discover new things. Things that can lead to success. These success can sometimes be new technology that can be beneficial to mankind. It was an exciting thing for me doing a lot of experiments. Until now i still enjoy on experimenting things. Young people who do things or experiment things must be supervised by adults.

Some experiments that are exciting are Magnetic fluid,  by following the simple steps and using a magnet, you can easily perform this experiments. The Glow Water experiments makes use of highlighters, it can be easily followed. You can watch the video at this link. These experiments can be done in a short time, some can also be a bonding time with your family. Again adult supervision is required.  There are a lot of exciting new things that can be done with just simple materials that can be easily found at home. Safety is priority,  so  adequate eye protection and lab gown and gloves are the standard equipment it making good experiments.


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