10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

There are a lot of things happening in our daily life. Everyday new things happen as we live. Photos or taking pictures is now a daily routine in most people, Nowadays due to technology, a lot of people carry around their smartphones or camera phone. High Tech gadgets is common in most people and the availability of internet is widely spread.

Years ago when technology is not as high tech as today, people bring old cameras that can be developed in a developing shop. Not all people or kids are familiar with cameras that require film. Nowadays, professional photographers use digital cameras and some still use the old cameras because of some reasons.

Would you believe that there were things that were captured that cannot be explained? Could this be a mystery? There were things that happened before and up to now there is still no explanation.  Experts already tried to find answers to these mysteries. These were caught on camera. Some say photos don't lie.

Video of the mystery can be watched at this link



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