10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid

There are a lot of things that we can do in liquids. There are a lot of tricks that science has developed through the years . These are simple tricks that you can do and learn a lot from it. With limited resources and some materials that are readily available in our kitchen. Some of the materials are simply pencil, plastic , market and other useful stuffs. We recommend that adult supervision is required and must not be performed at home. Experiments are usually done in schools with the teacher supervising the science experiment to develop new technology or tricks. These Amazing Science are fun, the slow motion ball needs honey, steel ball and ball container and you can already perform the experiment.

The next is the no leak magic bag which makes use of standard pencils, you will be amazed that the water will not spill in this trick. The next is liquid stacking you can make a bottle stacked in layers and it will appear in different colours. The invisible science trick is truly amazing simple instructions to perform the trick.

You can watch the video on this link.  You can see  the dancing liquid trick and how its done. With simply using corn starch water and a speaker and be amazed on how it moves. Magic water barrier makes use of hot and cold water and food colouring. There are other science tricks with detailed information found and you will be amazed how its done.


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