Magic's Biggest Secret Finally Revealed

Magic can be done by anyone. With adequate practice you can be a magician. Magic needs to be perfect so that the spectators will be amazed. There are a lot of styles in magic. Some even go or attend magic classes. Magic has a lot of big secrets. There are thousands of magic and these have different variations.

The magic tricks that will be revealed by the masked magician are the levitating a sleeping beauty without hidden wires,  woman impelling a lady with an iron spike,  making a woman appear in a sealed crystal chamber, defying the laws of space and time with a door to a new dimension.   These magic tricks are complicated and need a lot of gadgets or props to make it happen. It also needs a lot of assistant magician to make it work. These are done by pos and don't try to attempt doing it at home.

Only few magician can perform these complicated tricks. You can watch the video at this link. You can learn a lot from this wonderful video. Most magicians have various styles making them different with other magicians.


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