How To Find Out A Woman's Virginity? Truth Revealed

         We overheard that there are ways to find out in terms of a woman's virginity. Some say if there's a big gap between her legs? Could this be true? A lot of people say that if a girl has a big gap in between her legs then she is not a virgin. Do you agree with this matter?

 Some people say that this is false information if we will base it with facts and with science. These might be considered as here say only. It is important that people must be educated and for the future generations knowledge about this is very essential and it can be said crucial for this matter is very important. The term virgin is said to be inexperienced but others say it has a wider and more expanded definition.

There are a lot of definitions about a woman's virginity. Abstinence is one form, but other say that if a girl had not been in any relationship thus say that she is a virgin.  Being a virgin has a lot of pros and cons thats why some stay  abstain is  to avoid pregnancy and  others engage.

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