Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

We overheard that there are many difficult roads around the world. There are a lot of roads that you don't want to drive on, some roads are dangerous, some can be submerged into water when high tide rises. Some roads are slippery and has a lot of soil and rocks making it difficult to drive on. Our vehicles tires will be easily worn and traction is then limited. If the roads are bad, this can cause to traffic.

We are lucky that we don't have snow in the Philippines, because this could also lead to a slippery and un passable road. Traffic is now common in our daily routine, others accept the fact that even at night traffic is still experienced. Our government is now doing their part in making our roads passable and fixing it to lessen the traffic.

In other countries, this is not a major problem. There are roads there that are dangerous that you don't want to drive in there. Its not the traffic but the terrain. There are various variations on the type of roads some can be too steep and some are covered with debris that makes it dangerous to the motorist. So when driving be alert and concentrate on the road to have a safe journey.

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