The Floating And Levitating Man Trick Revealed Step By Step

Floating and Levitating is hard to do. Maybe it is impossible. By knowing the right trick and the step by step procedure it is now possible. A lot of magicians do this kind of trick. It impresses the crowd. The watchers and spectators are amazed by the performance of the illusionist or by some magicians. There were popular magicians that have their own style and techniques. Its quite an impressive task for someone to do this kind of trick.

A lot of magic tricks can be executed at the same time, but have you ever wondered that these tricks can make a whole crowd happy and wonder how a trick was done? I always try to figure how a trick was done in my childhood days. Way back then social media is not yet available and there was o internet at that time so I can't easily know the secrets of these tricks.
In executing this trick,you will be needing some props to make this trick possible. Its quite amazing that this trick is revealed in social media. You can watch the video at this link. Be amazed and someday you can do this trick on your own with practice. Patience is also a virtue in executing magic tricks. Again adult supervision is required.


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