3 Things to Know About Our PNP Chief Director Ronald Dela Rosa

In our present administration, the newly appointed PNP Chief in our country is Ronaldo Dela Rosa. He had a lot of accomplishments and is an excellent Officer of the PNP.

 We overheard that:

 1)He was the PNP Chief in Davao during President Duterte's time when he was still a Mayor. Dela Rosa and President Duterte have been working together in Davao for years already.

 2)He has a resemblance to famous actor Vin Diesel. There were images in the net that have been circulating in social media that our PNP Chief resembles the popular Hollywood actor Vin Diesel. 

3)He had garnered a lot of awards. Such Awards that our chief have received are some of the awards are PNP Achievement Awards in the Field of Operation PNP Senior PCO of the Year for Operations PMA Alumni Association Cavalier Award For Outstanding Performance as Police Professional in Police Operation

 You can watch the video on this link. Our PNP Chief is an excellent Police, he had a lot of outstanding awards, we also congratulate him for making our country safe.


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