Rachel Daquis Trumpet Dance

We overheard that the beautiful Rachel Anne Daquis danced in the tune of Trumpets. Its confirmed. She danced together with her team mates. based on the video that is circulating, they were wearing their volleyball uniform. The beautiful queen danced gracefully, she is excellent in dancing. the video garnered more than a million views already and it keeps on increasing.

Rachel Anne Daquis is an athlete,and a model.  She had numerous awards such as MVP, and other notable awards. She ranked 8th in the 2015 FHM, and this year she ranked 10th. Rachel currently has a lot of endorsements. She is an excellent athlete. Rachel has a lot of fans and followers. She is one of the most beautiful volleyball players on the country today.   

Rachel is loved by  her team mates, .  The whole team are excellent in volleyball as well as in dancing. We also congratulate Rachel Daquis for garnering 10th place in this years FHM.    


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