Featured: Mr Bean Crazy Golf

Mr Bean is a well known character and is popular worldwide. The  character Mr. Bean is known by many especially by young people. His character is also known driving a small car, with unusual locks on the doors. Mr. Bean usually remove the steering wheel when parking his car. The actor portraying the character Mr. Bean is  Rowan Atkinson is an English actor, comedian and a screen writer. He had a lot of popular movies and TV appearances.

In one of his TV series Mr. Bean Crazy Golf, he  playing in a mini golf, scored a hole in one in the first hole. He then thought that the second hole was easy because it was plainly straight but he had problems then as the attendant told him not to touch the ball. He  then had a high score in the succeeding hole. He's funny he know's how to make people laugh. This is why Mr Bean is so popular around the world.

You can watch the video on this link. He's an excellent comedian, he's truly a one of a kind. He can really make people laugh. I enjoyed watching his movies. He makes me laugh and Im sure he can also make you laugh.



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