Pano Malalaman Ang Woman's Virginity? Shocking Truth Revealed

In some people a woman's virginity is important. Decades ago it was important in our society because of values. For me it does not matter anymore. Nowadays it is accepted by society. Some say if a girl has a huge gap then she is not a virgin anymore. But is this true? Some people say this is not true according to science. There is no proof that this saying is true. There are ways on how to determine it.

An important thing is that the youth must be able to be educated with this matter. Proper education is important so that they will be able to learn many things. Because of  the rise in population. Proper education in this matter is is very crucial.

You can watch the video on this link. There are things that we must be able to learn and things that are valuable to us. Every people have their own point of view. Its important that we respect other peoples views and opinion.


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