Unbelievable Shark Attack Stories

A lot of us loves going to the beach.A simple walk on the shores of the beach is wonderful.  Enjoying the day with the bright and shinny weather from sunrise till   sundown.  Water sport are popular nowadays.   Some love swimming to the beach, surfing, diving, parasailing or simply island hopping.  Other related activities in the beach can be interesting.   Vacation is fun as long as were safe. There are some situations that there are unbelievable shark attacks while swimming in salt water. This are dangerous.                  

Sharks live on saltwater. Their attack are dangerous because they have sharp teeth. Sharks can smell human blood in a span of two miles. They move fast,  fast enough to  move around.  Shark usually are found on deep areas but sometimes they go to shore lines. This is where danger could be present.  There were reported incidents wherein people are surfing or just simply swimming on the beach.

You can watch the video on this link. These are unbelievable stories. There stories are different. We're glad that their safe.


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