Hinihinalang Floating Lab, Ininspeksyon ni Dela Rosa

We overheard that there is a suspected floating laboratory that was found in the sea in Subic. In an operation that was conducted by the police, Four foreign nationals were captured. The ship was positive with paraphernalia's that are linked to an illegal activity. The foreign nationals showed their passports and based in their documents they entered the Philippines thru Manila. It was not yet confirmed who own the ship. But there were paraphernalia's inside the ship that there's something going on there.

The four people on board were arrested. The chief PNP, Chief Dela Rosa, arrived at the scene, the chief personally inspected the scene, and was able to talk to the suspects. Based on the passports of the suspects they are said to be foreign nationals. We also overheard that when they were asked by authorities they said that they are fishermen.

You can watch the video on this link. We congratulate the PNP especially Chief DeLa Rosa and his men  who conducted the operation. We salute our President for making our country safe.


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