Ozone Shows Signs of Healing

Most of us are familiar with the ozone layer. It was commonly taught in school how important our ozone layer is. It was discussed to us in school he condition of our ozone layer. Our ozone layer serves as an ozone shield. The ozone layer is a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. It is important that we are aware of the current condition on our earth's atmosphere.

In 1985 there were discoveries that there is a hole in our ozone layer. This was then caught our attention. It was taught then in school that there were things that must not be used which makes the hole worse. There were new discoveries that the hole in the layer is beginning to heal. We overheard that there is now evidence that the hole is shrinking.  The problem started when people started using chlorine containing chemicals that is used in dry cleaning, aerosol cans and refrigeration. and hairsprays. The shrinkage is due to the drop in use of the chemicals.

 The video can be watched in this link . It is a good sign that there is an improvement in our ozone layer. There are a lot of information about our ozone layer. Scientist expect that in a few years by the year 2050 the hole on the ozone layer will completely close.


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