Alyssa Valdez Trumpets

We overheard from a fan that they request that their idol Alyssa Valdez dance in the tune of Trumpets.Alyssa has a lot of videos dancing. Alyssa had a video together with her team mates dancing in the tune of "Twerk It Like Milley". The Ateneo Lady Eagles  are also excellent in dancing. This video garnered a lot of views. Now the tune Trumpets is so popular. We hope that this request will be granted by the popular volleyball athlete model Alyssa.

Alyssa is an excellent volleyball player. She won a lot of awards in volleyball such as MVP, Finals MVP,1st best outside Spiker, Best Attacker, Athlete of the year, Best scorer and other awards. Alyssa currently has a lot of endorsements. She is seen in some billboards. She is one of the best volleyball players our country has today.  She also have received a lot of special recognitions.

Alyssa has a lot of fans and followers. She has a lot of fans watching her on her games. There was an instance that there were hundreds of fans waiting for her after a game. This fans took pictures of her and some approached her to have a picture with her.


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