Deadly Natural Disasters Caught on Video

Natural disasters happen when we least expect it. There are a lot of disasters that have been recorded. Many people are not prepared when these things happen. The technology now guides people in some of the disasters that are about to happen. For instance when there is a storm coming, the technology know can say how fast the expected wind and the amount of rainfall. Due to the technology we could prepare for it. In some reasons wherein there is a storm, people are advised to move to a higher ground.

Sometimes when you least expect it, something untoward incident happen, for instance your in your vacation enjoying the scenery of the vacation place then a strong storm occur. There are some instance that might be weird, for instance your taking pictures and the wind blew hard making you move a few meters away due to the strong winds.  It is important that you have enough food and water, a flashlight, portable radio and a communication device especially when there is a storm.

You can watch the video on this link. Not all disasters can be prevented but being prepared could help. Safety must be our priority.  


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