Uminit Ang Ulo Ni Gordon. Pinagalitan Si De Lima Dahil Sa Pagdedepensa Kay Matobato

We overheard that in the Senate hearing, tension was rising. Gordon talked to  De Lima because of her actions. It was something to do with De Lima and  defending Matobato.
If you were able to track and be updated in what is happening at the Senate, you can clearly see whats happening. De Lima was also removed as the chairperson on the committee in the investigation.  Gordon was De Lima's replacement as the Chairperson. Senator Paquiao also had an outstanding remark. He had delivered a clear perception in his views about the happening.

Matobato has a lawyer on his side while he was questioned. The Senate  made sure of this  before they started the proceedings. There was a slight delay because they looked for a lawyer that would understand the dialect  that Matobato is very familiar with.

 You can watch the video on this link.  Senator Cayetano also delivered his message well.


  1. De Lima is not the lawyer of Motabato, why is he depending Motabato? for sure she was the one who brought Motabato to stand as the accuser of Duterte as the one doing the Extra Judicial Killing for the Delima is trying to get rid of pres Duterte so they can rule the Phil government which headed by the yellow stupid bastards group party.



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