Best Protest Rally Para Patalsikin Si De Lima Galit Na Sigaw Ng Sambayanang Pilipino

We overheard that there was a protest rally against De Lima. A tarpaulin wherein a picture of De Lima, Matobato and Trillianes was burned. This is a sign of protest by the people.  Why did they burn this and why are the people mad? If you are following the Senate investigation you can see the answers.

We also overheard that since the Senate and the Congressional Hearing, there were a lot of questions that mingle in the minds of the people. This is weather Matobato is a credible witness, or question such as did De Lima receive money from the NBP. Some say that Trillianes is defending Matobato.

You can watch the video on this link. The people are entitled to know the truth.


  1. This is "weather" Matobato is a credible witness...



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