President Duterte Inimbitahan din Si U. S. President Obama Na Bumisita Sa Bansa Upang Imbestigahan ang EJK

We overheard that President Duterte invited President Obama thru his speech to join in the investigation of  the EJK. The Senate is currently investigating this.  The government are doing their job well. The police are doing their task and their objective is to  serve the people. We also overheard that President Duterte also   said that the country is open to the U S and all other  big organisations who wish to investigate the EJK in the Philippines.

The Policemen and Military are serving out country. They have an oath to serve and we must be thankful for their great service. They also risk their lives everyday when they work. We salute the loyal and brave Soldiers and Policemen.
You can watch the video on this link. Our presidents speech is excellent. He aims to serve the Filipino people.


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