Sen. Cayetano, Trillianes Muling Nagkasagutan Sa Senado

We overheard that at the Senate, there was a slight tension that happened. This is again with Senator Trillianes and Senator Cayetano.  They both delivered their side but at a distance. This is not the first time they clashed. The tension slightly rose up so Senator Pimentel asked that the session be suspended.

The talks inside the Senate  is  becoming too fascinating. There still a question regarding Matobato's credibility, and up to now  this  was not yet been clearly established. A few weeks  ago, as we may  recall, De Lima walks out. What would be happening next?

You can watch the video on this link. This is very interesting.


  1. Overheard means chismis lang yan, sabihin mo na lang napanood mo sa tv, tapos, puro ka na lang overheard, chismis

  2. Blog na ito puro overheard lang sinasabi, kakaumay na basahin sa FB.



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