We overheard that cases against Senator de Lima start to increase. Another complaint is filled against Senator De Lima. Senator Sotto declined to tell more about the ethics complaint against De Lima. Senador Sotto will still look at the complaint and he will make sure that the Senate  will have a copy.

We also overheard that De Lima received a lot of calls and texts when her number  was known in the hearing or was publicised. According to Senator Sotto changing number can be done in as fast as five minutes.   Convicts  that are testifying against De Lima will also be heard at the Senate.

You can watch the video on this link. The Senate are doing their task well.


  1. When there is fire, there is smoke. In the Philippines, it's not just a simple fire, but a conflagration.
    When not one but many witnesses point to the mother of all problems on drugs, and when the main culprit sings and dances in romance with the drug drug lords and get payollas under the shed of human rights protection, then in interest of the majority of Pinoys, EJK should be applied, not rule of lie. In Japan, corrupt officials commit suicide. In Korea, corrupt officials resign their post and return the money to their Government in Public. In most part of the world, they go to jail. In America, corrupt officials go to jail; in the Philippines corrupt officials go to America (at least to those who can afford).

    In the Philippines, it's the corrupt officials 'human right' to have thick faces. What kind society are we? But the more corupt officials do their shameless acts, the higher the percentage rating Pres Du30 gets from the public!



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