Pastillias Video Beats Yaya Dub's Video


   We overheard from a fan that the popular video of Angelica Yap aka Pastillias girl had a video when she uploaded in her official facebook fan page pesently have 2.1 million views while Maine Mendoza's video of her driving alone be like currently reached 1.2 million views.

        In Angelica Yap'a video it was shown that she gracefully danced and the viewers liked it. The video became viral. The beautiful actress Angelica showed her extraordinary talent. We also overheard from a fan that she is also a good singer.

        In her out of town guesting's a lot of fans were happy to see her.We also overheard that  she has a lot of out if town events. On the other hand Mainne Mendoza is a popular actress in the TV segment Kalyeserye paired with the popular Alden Richards. Mainne Mendoza also  has a lot of videos on the net.

          Angelica Yap's Video also beats the To Tagaytay Video in terms of views of Alden Richards and Mainne Mendoza while driving presently has which has more than 800k views.


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