Sales Lady Now A Super Model

We overheard from a fan of the beautiful sales lady that the now popular saleslady now a model. She is being talked about through the net. The popular sales lady from Laguna caught the attention of the netizens and is now gaining popularity.

 Her beautiful looks and gorgeous body caught a lot of Social media attention. When a talent scout saw her working in a mall, she was asked if she could be a part time model. We overheard that she agreed to their offer.

She is now popularly known as the gorgeous sales lady. She is tall, pretty and gorgeous. We overheard that she has upcoming projects soon and will be doing some projects anytime now. Rumors also speculate she might be entering showbiz anytime soon. This young talent caught social media attention.

 She is a half Filipina and half Spanish. The gorgeous sales lady was happy that little by little her dreams are happening. She also plans to continue her studies and become a flight attendant soon.


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