Call Center Scandal

We overheard that there are a lot of things great that is happening in a Call Center. This is because the shift of their work hours is different than the usual. We overheard from an agent that he had a great experience.

Is this real or just one of the stories that we hear in some local barbershops, or just some urban legends. One night as she wait for a ride at about 11 o clock in the evening, a beautiful girl riding her luxurious car suddenly stopped in front of him.

The girl was pretty, model like figure with a beautiful face. The girl stopped and asked him if he wanted to come inside her car. He was standing in front of his workplace at that time. He was fascinated and could not believe it, so he agreed.

The girl picked him up? Could you imagine? The girl immediately brought him in a nearby establishment. They had couple of drinks. the girl even paid for everything. She could be a the girl of your dreams. It could happen to you. But will you also agree and join her for drinks?

Some say that this is a routine that she usually do. Look for handsome guys to join her for drinks. I guess she's lonely or broken hearted.


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