Mainne Mendoza and Alden Richards kissed on Mainne's Birthday

           We also overheard that the she had a dance number together with Alden Richards and she danced very well.After her dance number with her popular friend Alden Richards, Alden gave gifts for the lovely Maine Mendoza.

            Alden gave her a lot of gifts because it was a special day for Mainne. We also overheard that they kissed in that noontime show. A lot of fans were happy to see that happening. Maine Mendoza a popular Tv personality.

             She got famous due to her Dubbsmash video which reached a million views overnight, Maine currently has a lot of endorsements. Her popularity quickly escalated. Alden Richards a popular actor in the same segment, Alden is also a singer and has a lot of endorsements. Photo Credits to the owner.


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