Movie House Scandal

We overheard that movie houses are different in the 80's. You can watch the movie over and over again. There is a place where old movies are shown. Is this an urban legend? or some stories that i here during drinking sessions. We overheard that happens anytime of the day in old movie theatres, before there are two divisions in a movie house, they charge a different fee also. The farther you are from the screen the more you pay. What we overheard is that most of the people in that movie house goers are couples. They usually come in pairs. Couples usually kiss each other and they don't usually watch the movie. They use the facility because its cold inside and at a cheap price they can go on first base. There were stories that some take it to the next level. Could that be possible, nowadays movie houses are different. They are clean and you cant come in while the movie is ongoing. Its expensive now. Before you just need to get some coins to go in.


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