In terms of Beauty No Team Can Beat The Ateneo Lady Eagles


      We overheard from a fan on the team the Ateneo Lady Eagles that in his opinion no school can beat the Ateneo lady eagles when it comes to beauty. This team is filled with gorgeous and beautiful players. The Ateneo Lady Eagles is composed of beautiful athletes namely Alyssa Valdez, a strong and powerful player admired and loved by her fans.

      Alyssa is included in the FHM top 100 sexiest in 2015. Alyssa has made a lot of endoresements. Alyssa's has a lot of awards in her College Career. Other beautiful Ateneo Lady Eagles members which posses beauty and skill are asst team captain Amy Ahomiro, Amy has also a lot of endoresements.

      Other beautiful players from the Ateneo lady eagles are Mary May Tajima. May is young, athletic and tall, which could be a model or even a beauty queen. Other beautiful Ateneo Lady Eagles are Deanna Wong, Therese Gaston and others. We also overheard that the Ateneo lady eagles has a huge number of fans and followers.


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