Girl Maltreated By A Male Dancer In A Bar

     We overheard that a girl was maltreated in a bar by a male dancer.Respect for women must be observed. Women must be loved not maltreated. The girl was in a local club late in the evening. She is accompanied by her friends.
     A good looking man quickly approached the beautiful girl as they danced together. The girl was an excellent dancer so they then proceeded to the dance floor. At the dance hall it was dark and crowded. as they danced the man unintentionally hit the girl as they danced.

     The girl then felt pain in his head. Could you imagine being hit by a man with his elbows? After the the girl came back to her seat.Her companions quickly assisted her and checked if the injury was severe. It was just an unintentional and no serious injuries. The man looked scared and vanished quickly.


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