OFW criticizes Risa Hontiveros in her own forum in Sydney, Australia

We overheard that there was an a speech that  Senator Risa Hontiveros delivered. After which there were questions asked to the Senator. The Liberal Party was also mentioned in the  questioning.

The OFW said" I don't believe that the question was answered adequately, because we all know that   we are already doing that,all  the Filipinos are already doing that  the bayanihan, the volounterism and were trying our best here in the international community to show   what Filipinos are like and how hardworking we are and how excellent we are as a people. No matter how hard we do that there are people, especially from your party in fact, yourself, well yes from your party, and the Liberal Party, but not long ago very recently in fact, you were demanding that the President allow the U.N. to come in to the Philippines and investigate, where is the honor in that."

The question raised was excellent. The Senator then made her explanation.

You can watch the video on this link.




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