Beautiful Personalities Spotted In The Island of Boracay

       We overheard that during Labor Day a lot of beautiful and popular personalities go to the island of Boracay. A lot of parties and events are happening in that island particularly on the said date may 1.

       Now few days before Labor Day may 1,beautiful volleyball players were spotted, and we overheard that they have a beach volleyball event. Among the personalities spotted are 2015 Fhm top 8 Rachel Anne Daquis, Abigail Marano, Jovelyn Gonzaga , Cha Cruz.

       Rachel Anne Daquis is a volleyball player which both plays indoor and outdoor volleyball. She is one of the most popular volleyball players that our country has today. Abigail Marano is a beautiful athlete also plays both indoor and outdoor volleyball. We also overheard that the beautiful model Yassi Benitez was also spotted in the beautiful island of Boracay.


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