Madonna could be facing a ban in the Philippines

 We overheard from a fan that Madonna the popular singer may be banned from performing in the Philippines for disrespecting the Filipino flag. Madonna recently had a concert in the Philippines and what we overheard says that she miss used the Philippine Flag.

          What she did is considered to be a disrespect in the Philippine Flag. We have not yet confirmed if she is really facing this ban to perform but it is really a disrespect for which the Philippine Flag must be treated with respect for which it symbolizes independence.

           The Philippine flag is a horizontal flag with equal bands of blue and red  and with a white equilateral triangle.  At the hoist,  at the center of the triangle has a sun with eight primary  rays  which symbolizes the eight provinces which started the 1896 Philippine revolution against Spain.  Each vertex of the triangle has a golden star five pointed, these three starts represents  Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao , the tree main regions.

Madonna a popular international and foreign singer, very popular and beautiful.She is a pop superstar and has performed around the world as is very popular.  Photo credits to the owner.


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